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Attention athletes who are interested in playing college athletics

If you are interested in playing sports at the collegiate level, the following websites are useful: - this site is necessary if you are thinking you might play a sport in college.

NCAA - ...more

CCS Sportsmanship Info

Click here to read the CCS Sportsmanship Policy.

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Heat Exhaustion Protocol

Please read important information concerning heat exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion Protocol

Athletics Home




Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.08.09 PM.png

Welcome to 8 to 18

At the top of this page is a link to 8 to 18.  Cupertino High School is currently using 8 to 18 to register our athletes for each athletic season (fall, winter, spring).  When a student intends to participate in a sport, the student's parent needs to click on the 8 to 18 link, create an account and register their student.  During the registration process, a person will be asked to consider donating $100 to help support our Cupertino athletic program, we hope you will consider donating, half of your donation will go to your team, the other half goes to a general Cupertino athletic fund.  If you choose not to donate, you continue through the registration, but you must "Decline" to donate.  If your athlete plays more than one sport, you must register each season.  Typically the registration period is open approx. one month prior to the start of a season.

There are two other forms (they are located on this website), one is the emergency card and the other form is the "doctor's form", both of these forms need to be printed and filed out.  Your Doctor will sign off on his/her form, you will fill out the emergency card, both of these forms need to get to your coach and eventually to the Cupertino athletic trainer.

dsc_0225.jpg Bball 1.jpg CC 2.jpg tennis 1.jpg TreshaCropped.jpg wp 1.jpg bball 3.jpg tennis 2.jpg CC1.jpg water polo6.jpg Gokul.jpg TiffanyCropped.jpg wp 2.jpg water polo5.jpg water polo6.jpg dsc_0290.jpg Nitin 06.jpg Football Football Football Football IMG_1208 (002).jpg George.jpg DSC_0360.jpg

Spring Sports Tryout Date is February 1

The official start date for our Spring season is Feb. 1.  All Athletes must complete the entire physical packet in order to tryout for a sport.  Parents must register their athlete with 8 to 18 (link is located at the top of this page).  Please read the info regarding 8 to 18, again located at the top of this page. Please be prepared by getting all necessary paperwork completed prior to Feb. 1.  No athlete may practice without completing the process, 8 to 18, doctor signs the physical form(form needs to be submitted to the athletic trainer), and a completed emergency form to your coach.  Thank You!

Athletic Donation Form to Support CHS Athletics

The athletic donation form upon completion, must be submitted to the athlete's coach for processing purposes, Please download the donation form listed below.


Updated Athletic Donation.doc



*** Chrome and IE work best when filling out the the following PDF forms. If you are using Firefox as a browser, please click here to view instructions on how to configure Firefox to allow forms to be edited. ***


Parents and Athletes: In order for an athlete to play a sport at Cupertino, several forms must be COMPLETELY FILLED OUT and submitted to the coach prior to a student being able to tryout or participate.

Please follow the below instructions to be cleared to participate in athletics/activity at the Fremont Union High School District.  The below items are necessary for athlete/student clearance if you HAVE NOT yet played a sport/participated in an activity during the 2013-2014 school year (this would apply to ALL Fall athletes/students). The documents are available as a packet, or you may select each form individually. You will need to complete ALL of the below forms, print, sign, and turn in to the Athletic Director. YOU MUST HAVE A MEDICAL DOCTOR COMPLETE THE Physical Exam Part 2 - Doctor's Clearance FORM. IT CANNOT BE DONE ON ANY OTHER FORM. All student-athletes must get a physical from a doctor stating they are physically able to participate.  Coaches do not allow players to tryout if these forms are not completed on the first day of tryouts so it is important to get this done BEFORE the first day of tryouts.

The fee form should not be filled out and turned in until it has been made clear to the players (by the head coach) that they have made the team.

Individual Forms:

Forms NOT Contained in the Clearance Form Package


All Documents must be submitted to your coach, your coach processes the documents to our athletic trainer.  No athlete is allowed to participate without completed forms.  IT IS RECOMMENDED for ATHLETES to make a COPY of ALL PHYSICAL FORMS, KEEP ONE COPY for YOURSELF (One Calendar Year)

Join the CHS Athletic Boosters

Please consider joining and supporting the Cupertino Athletic Booster Organization.  The Athletic Booster's purpose is to raise needed funds to help  our Cupertino Athletic programs.  The more people involved, the more our Athletic Booster's can accomplish.  Please click on the link below and join the Athletic Booster group as they strive to improve CHS Athletics.  You can support financially and by giving your time.

Athletic Director

Craig Ellegood 408-366-7310
Rochelle Collinwood



Fall Sports Coaches

Football - Varsity Chris Oswald 408-366-7300
Football-Assistant Ron DeMonner
Football Assistant
Football - F/S RJ Davis 408-306-1577
Football Assistant Kyle Moyles
Football Assistant Scott Green
Volleyball - Varsity Bob Huff 650-868-2244
Volleyball - JV Colleen Carey 408-366-7300
Cross Country - Varsity, JV, & F/S Paul Armstrong 408-691-3022
Field Hockey - Varsity Allyson Velasquez 408-439-6780
Field Hockey - JV
Girls Tennis - Varsity Manuel Zarate 408-421-1703
Girls Tennis - JV Gregg Buie 408-366-7328
Boys Water Polo - Varsity Sarah Scott 408-318-1588
Boys Water Polo - F/S Mike Jarvis 1-408-666-3595
Girls Water Polo - Varsity Jennifer Townsend 408-203-8155

Winter Sports Coaches

Boys Basketball - Varsity Craig Ellegood 408-366-7310
Boys Basketball - F/S Glenn Yokoshima & Kenji Mitchell 408-315-2220
Girls Basketball - Varsity Scott Stevens 408-636-8679
Girls Basketball - JV Matt Austin 408-807-5409
Wrestling - Varsity Mike Moyano 408-314-7478
Wrestling - JV Zach Jacobs 408-366-7300
Boys Soccer - Varsity Peter Torres 408-480-1890
Boys Soccer - F/S
Girls Soccer - Varsity Gavin Goes 408-366-7300
Girls Soccer - JV Sean Coleman 408-366-7300

Spring Sports Coaches

Badminton - Varsity Austin Li 408-930-4629
Badminton - JV Mitchell Seed 650-455-5847
Baseball - Varsity Pete Hernandez 408-366-7300
Baseball - F/S Daniel Martinez 650-279-4925
Softball - Varsity Steve Vinciale 408-314-3008
Softball - JV Sal Mendoza 1-408-887-5078
Boys Swimming Mike Jarvis 408-666-3595
Girls Swimming Ian Oglesby 650-867-1551
Boys Tennis - Varsity Manny Zarate 408-421-1703
Boys Tennis - F/S Christina Masuda 408-366-7300
Golf - Varsity Kyle Fitzpatrick & James Gilmore 650-722-2845
Track & Field - Varsity, JV, & F/S Paul Armstrong 408-691-3022
Gymnastics - Varsity Garry DeGuzman ....1-408-209-5924....
Gymnastics - JV Jessica Kelley 650-380-2444
Boys Volleyball - Varsity Bob Huff 650-868-2244
Boys Volleyball - F/S Morris Bisted 408-547-7400

Click below for addresses of SCVAL schools