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Attendance Procedure


Christina Orozco:  Attendance Accounting Specialist

Absences must be cleared within 2 school days (48 hours) by a parent or guardian only.


Full Day Absence
Follow these instructions:
*Call the Cupertino Attendance Line at
1-408-366-7372 one day prior to their absence
or as soon as possible. Leave the following information
-Spell your students last name and first name
-Student ID # (this number is 7 digits long and starts with the number 5)
-Date(s) of absence
-Reason for the absence (illness, medical appointment, DMV apt, college visit, etc.)
-Your name, phone # and your relationship to the student.


Partial Day Absence
If your student has to leave (Off Campus Pass) or is coming in late from a medical, dental, DMV apt, was ill, etc., follow these instructions: Call the Cupertino Attendance Line at 1-408-366-7320 one day prior to their absence or as soon as possible. Leave the following information.
-Spell your students last name and first name
-Student ID # (this number is 7 digits long and starts with a number 5)
-Grade-Date(s) of absence
-Period(s) to be excused
-Time the student will need to leave or will be arriving back.
-Reason for the absence (illness, medical appointment, DMV apt, etc.)


Illness or Injury at School???
Cupertino does not have a nurse/health office on campus. If your student comes to the Attendance Office because they are not feeling well and we can’t reach you or someone on your student’s emergency information, your student will have to wait in the office until we hear from a parent or guardian.

Off Campus Pass Information
If your student will be leaving early, it is their responsibility to pick up their Off Campus Pass before school, at brunch or lunch in order to leave. Students cannot leave campus without their pass. Once they pick up their pass, they can show their teacher and meet you outside for pick up. Cupertino is a closed campus during brunch and tutorial. Students leaving at lunch only do not need a pass. If your student will be arriving late, they must check in the Attendance Office to receive a pass to class to verify they are back on campus.

Forgot to call????
If you forgot or scheduled a last minute medical or dental appointment, or you are coming to pick up a sick child, please understand that it takes about 15 minutes to call your student out of class (possibly longer if they are in PE class). If you come to pick up your student during tutorial please remember students are not required to be in a specific classroom; therefore we will not be able to send a pass.


Un-Excused Absences
Absences must be cleared within 2 school days (48 hours) by a parent or guardian only. Anything after 2 days will be marked as un-excused absence. Parent notes are not accepted. Doctors/medical notes ARE accepted with a date/time stamp from the physician for a partial day’s absence. If your student is ill for more than 3 days, a doctor’s note will need to be provided to the Attendance Office. Students may NOT call themselves in for their absences even if they are 18 years of age without a adult status form signed filled out and approved by the Assistant Principal. This is result in a referral to the Assistant Principal’s office.


If your student is late to class, they will need to come to the Attendance Office to obtain an “admit to class” pass before heading to their classroom.


Emergency Contact Information
The household numbers that you list on the emergency form at the beginning of the year is the number that the auto dialer will call to let you know if your student has been marked absent for one or more classes. Please be sure that the phone number you list has a voice messaging system. To make changes to your student’s emergency contacts, please stop by the Main Office.


Marked Absent by Mistake?
If your student was marked absent by mistake, it is your student’s responsibility to talk with the teacher that marked him/her absent; the student will need to fill out a correction form from the front office and get the teachers signature then turn it back into the Attendance office.