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Special Education

Special Education Staff Directory

Alam, Farah Special Education Para Educator
Armstrong, Shani (408) 366-7388 ex.4930 Special Education Para Educator
Arreola Cruz, Maria (408) 366-7386 Special Education Para Educator
Barbeau, Terese (408) 366-7388 ex.4890 Special Education Para Educator
Boyd, Sharon (408) 366-7388 ex.4869 Special Education Teacher
Bustamante, Corina (408) 366-7387 Special Education Para Educator
Chai, Neil (408) 366-7388 ex.4826 Special Education Teacher
Chan, Danny (408) 366-7388 ex.4835 Special Education Teacher
Ciotta, Peter (408) 366-7388 ex.4927 Special Education Para Educator
Cryan, Sean (408) 366-7388 ex.4897 Special Education Teacher
Davis, RJ (408) 366-7388 ex.4844 Special Education Teacher
De Koning, Angelica (408) 366-7388 ex.4809 Special Education Teacher
DeJesus, Raquel Special Education Para Educator
Heskett, Jason (408) 366-7388 ex.4855 Special Education Teacher
Hopkins, Tony Special Education Para Educator
Jayaram, Anjana (408) 366-7388 ex.4883 Speech Language Pathologist
Ledesma, Debbie (408) 366-7340 Special Education Para Educator / Dept of Rehab Coordinator
Lewis, Milo (408) 366-7388 ex.4824 Special Education Para Educator
Madera, Alex (408) 366-7386 Learning Center Special Education Teacher
Mejia, Aracely (408) 366-7386 Special Education Para Educator
Mockler, Paula (408) 366-7388 ex.4837 Special Education Teacher
Mornhinweg, Tonia Special Education Para Educator
Moyano, Mike (408) 366-7388 ex.4834 Special Education Para Educator
Nguyen, Mary (408) 366-7308 Special Education Senior Clerical / Health Clerk
Ning, Hsiao-hui (408) 366-7318 Visually Impaired Teacher
Pete, Rory (408) 366-7387 Special Education Para Educator
Prattsmith, Richard (831) 251-1187 Special Education Para Educator DT
Purse, Charity (408) 366-7307 Lead Resource Specialist / Special Ed Department Lead
Quinones, Joe (408) 366-7386 Special Education Para Educator
Rochin, Elizabeth (408) 366-7313 Speech Language Pathologist
Roepke, Suzanne (408) 366-7324 School Psychologist
Rojko, Katrina Special Education Para Educator
Santos, Luke (408) 366-7397 Special Education Teacher
Scott, DeeDee (409) 366-7341 School Psychologist/Behavior Therapist
Shahrivar, Rachel (408) 366-7387 Learning Center Special Education Teacher
Situ, Charley (408) 366-7386 Special Education Para Educator
Soto, Leslie (408) 366-7388 ex.4870 Special Education Teacher
Velasquez, Allyson Special Education Para Educator
Wilson, Theresa (408) 366-7324 School Psychologist
Wong, Marilyn (408) 366-7388 ex.4812 Special Education Para Educator
Zarate, Manuel (408) 366-7387 Special Education Para Educator
Learning Disabilities - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Executive Function Fact Sheet "Executive Function" is a term used to describe a set of mental processes that helps us connect past experience with present action. This document gives more information about Executive Function and how it affects learning. Executive Function
What is Executive Functioning? Gives a formal definition of Executive Functioning, and an example of a person without strong Executive Functioning skills. Executive Function 2
Accommodations, Modifications and Strategies A presentation that provides suggestions for teaching to all students in the general education classroom, including accomodations, modifications, and strategies for students with learning disabilities. Teaching Strategies
Accommodations for Learning Disabilities A description of Learning Disabilities characteristics and common classroom accommodations. Accomodations
Dyslexia and High School A description of common classroom activities and their impact on students with Dyslexia. Dyslexia
Signs and Symptoms Signs and symptoms of Learning Disabilities. Includes tips for teachers and parents. Signs
Processing Deficits Identified processing areas with strategies that support students. Processing
Tips for Teaching Special Needs Common strategies for teachers working with special needs students. Teaching Tips
ADD/ADHD - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Seven ADHD Myths Common misconceptions about people diagnosed with ADHD. Myths
ADHD in Classroom Strategies for teachers working with students who have ADHD. Strategies
ADHD Resource part 2 Extensive research at programs and classroom supports for students with ADHD. Resources
Social / Emotional - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Anxiety Attacks and Disorders Signs, symptoms, and treatment options for people with Anxiety disorders. Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety Disorders / Classification Extensive description of the various categories of Anxiety disorders. Anxiety Classification
Bipolar Features Conditions that result from Bipolar disorder. Bipolar
Emotional Disturbance Descriptions of various conditions that may apply to someone identified as having an Emotionally Disturbance. Emotional Disturbance
Speech and Language - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Speech and Language Impaired General descriptions of characteristics seen in students with this identification. Speech
Stuttering Information for teachers about stuttering. Stuttering
Stuttering FAQ General questions and answers about causes and the incidence of stuttering. Stuttering FAQ
Stuttering in Classroom Questions and answers for teachers working with students who suffer. Classroom Stuttering
Hearing and Vision - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Classroom Adaptations for Visual Impairments Adaptations teachers can consider for students with visual impairments. Visual Impairment / Classroom
Visual Impairments Definitions and characteristics of visual impairments. Visual Impairment Definitions
Deafness and Hearing Loss General description of disability with classroom implications. Deafness
Autism and Asperger's - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Asperger's Syndrome Supports Information teachers should consider to support students with Asperger's. Asperger's
Teaching People with Autism Strategies teachers can use for students with Autism. Autism
Other - Documents
Title Brief Description Link
Cerebral Palsy General descriptions of characteristics seen in students with this identification. Cerebral Palsy
Diabetes Symptoms and resources for students with Diabetes. Diabetes
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
(parts 1 through 5)
Extensive information on the diagnosis and physical implications of MD throughout the years. Muscular Dystrophy 1 Muscular Dystrophy 2 Muscular Dystrophy 3 Muscular Dystrophy 4 Muscular Dystrophy 5
Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms and diagnosis plus information about teens with MD. MD Diagnosis
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Diagnosis and treatment of “brittle bone” disorder. Brittle Bone
Ergonomics Things to consider for students with physical conditions and their use of computers. Ergonomics
Tourette Syndrome Brief description of Tourette Syndrome and its observable characteristics. Tourette
Fetal Alcohol Disorders Description of spectrum disorders, incidence, and characteristics in children. Fetal Alcohol