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Web Publishing Guidelines

Web Publishing Guidelines

These guidelines contain resources and documents related to publishing on the World Wide Web and on the Cupertino High School server.

These guidelines were developed as a key reference tool. They define the roles of responsible participants from staff members who facilitate student publishers on the Web as well as volunteer web publishers. Questions about these guidelines or updates should be directed to Geoff Wright or Lisa McLeod.


  • To provide timely, supportive and educational information to the students, staff and community.
  • To provide easy access to a wide variety of rich media and educational resources which directly supports the curriculum, activities or services of the school.
  • To provide easy access to school related and sponsored activities.


The Library Media Teacher, Lisa McLeod, is the school’s Web Administrator. The maintenance, publication, and management of a large Web site may be likened to the publication of a city newspaper, supervised by a managing editor who oversees the entire publication, yet relies on various departmental editors, writers, and specialists to conduct the activities which support the goals of the institution. Thus, the Web Administrator acts much like the Editor-in-Chief. Like an Editor-in-Chief, the Web Administrator does not read or review every single item published; he or she acts as primary consultant when issues arise concerning major changes in style or potentially sensitive content.

The Web Administrator is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the Web site is maintained and that all formal Web publications follow published guidelines.
  • Assigning publishing rights and managing training for new users.
  • Overseeing the development of style and content guidelines for school Web materials.
  • Collaborating with the school administrators for the development of procedures for the placement and removal of Web materials.


All Web site activities are governed by Board policies and administrative regulations as well as the District Technology Use Agreement which address technology, network, and computer use. Web users must comply with those policies and regulations.


Training of school webmasters and staff publishers is conducted as part of ongoing District/ Site staff development. 


Web Publishing Standards for ALL Web Publishers
Please read before referring to your specific publishing level.

Material appropriate for placement on the Cupertino High School Web site includes information about the school, department activities or services, teachers or classes, student projects, and student extracurricular organizations. Educational resources for staff, students and the community may also be published online. Personal information, not related to education, is not allowed on the Web site.All content published via the CHS network must comply with the following:

  1. All publications must comply with all state, federal, and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property rights, and legal uses of network computers.
  2. All school Web publications will reside primarily on the school's designated web server.
  3. Cupertino High School makes every effort to insure that all links within the site are operational and that all information is accurate, appropriate, and of high quality. The school expects that standards are met. The viability of links outside the Cupertino web site cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Publishing Expectations:
    • All Web pages should meet goals of high quality in both style and presentation.
    • Correct grammar and spelling are expected. All information must be verifiable.
    • Publications should be high quality and designed for clarity and readability.
    • Publications must include a statement of copyright when appropriate and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted materials.
    • Publications on the Web site must identify affiliation with Cupertino High School, and should link back to the main page from the front page of any department's main pages.
    • Relevant referencing dates are required on all publications.
    • All publications must include the email address of the adult maintaining the page. If a student is the publisher, the sponsoring staff member’s email must be included as the responsible person. No student email addresses may be listed on any Web page. Only staff members may act as student sponsors.
    • Commercial use for the pursuit of personal financial gain is prohibited.
    • Web pages shall not contain the personal address or phone number of students.
    • Web pages shall not display personally identifiable student pictures unless explicit parental permission has been granted by a parent’s signature on the Technology Agreement form. Permission is required prior to publishing any identifying pictures of students.  Names of students in pictures will not be given.
    • Web pages should be designed to ensure rapid loading time and be tested in various browsers.
    • Web pages will provide timely information.  The school web site is not an archive but a current information tool. Pages will not be archived beyond one year.
    • News and events submitted to the home page that do not meet standards will not be approved for publication. News items for the home page must relate to the overall CHS community, not only to individual groups on campus. The school Web Administrator or any administrator will edit or delete news items when appropriate.


These guidelines are to be used as reference and provide specific information regarding Web publishing by staff and students. The Web Publishing Guidelines exist for each level and should be used when addressing specific issues relevant to each publisher level, however, every web publisher should read and abide by the Web Publishing Standards for ALL Web Publishers shown above.

Staff Level (Editor Permissions)

Teachers or other staff may create Web pages for use in class activities or to provide a resource for other teachers or staff members. Staff publishers will be responsible for maintaining their class or educational resource sites. Staff Web pages must reflect positively upon the district and department or school. The school’s webmaster acts as a consultant for the school’s web site and is to be informed of planned publishing activities.

Volunteer Level (Editor or Contributor Permissions)

Approved community volunteers may create Web pages for school sponsored or approved activities. Volunteer publishers will be responsible for maintaining their sites. Volunteer Web pages must reflect positively upon the district and department or school. The school’s webmaster acts as a consultant for the school’s web site and is to be informed of planned publishing activities. The school web master will approve all volunteer publishers and access must be granted on a yearly basis in September. New logins and passwords will be established in September and volunteers will receive their log in and password information from a web master.

Student Level (Editor or Contributor Status)

Students may create and publish Web pages as part of a school sponsored activity under the supervision of a staff member. Material presented on a student Web site must meet the educational objectives of the school-related activity, as well as follow District policy and guidelines.

Guideline for Publishing NEWS and EVENTS Items for the Home Page for All Levels of Publication

News and event items that are submitted to the homepage must follow the STANDARDS FOR ALL WEB PUBLISHING. Event items should be limited to a short, descriptive title. Date, time and location should be filled in with an optional contact. News items must pertain to the whole school community. No News items should appear on the homepage for longer than 2 weeks. Correct spelling and grammar is mandatory. Any items submitted that do not meet these guidelines may not be published. The webmaster or administration reserves the right to edit any submitted items so that they meet the guidelines.


Material that fails to meet established educational objectives or that is in violation of a provision of Board Policy and Administrative Regulations will be removed.

WEB PUBLISHING Guide for the School Web Masters

This document is provided as a guide for the Webmasters at Cupertino High School. Any staff member who acts as a school’s Webmaster must follow these guidelines, as well as abide by the District Technology Agreement. As a webmaster you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the appropriateness, authenticity, legal, and educational content of the web pages you generate. Please be sure to read all relevant guidelines pertaining to school and District publishing.

1. All pages must reflect the school goals, culture and educational objectives.

2. There must be a teacher or adult volunteer sponsor for every student page published on your school’s website. This sponsor can be you, if you select students to participate in the development of the school’s website, but you agree to accept responsibility for their pages.

3. No student email addresses for any student who publishes a page should be listed on the student’s Web page. No commercial or private email accounts are to be listed on any District Web pages.

4. Content guidelines for school web pages follow:

a. Students and staff must have read and agreed to abide by the established Technology Use Agreement and network policy and the appropriate Web Guidelines prior to publishing online.

b. Any use of obscene or inflammatory language will result in loss of network privileges.

c. Links to other websites must contain appropriate and educational materials and information.

d. Games, links to games, and advertisements for games are not to be published online, unless they are directly in support of specific curriculum.

e. Any pictures being prepared for online publication must be cleared by the sponsoring teacher and must have received permission for online publication from the parents of all identifiable students in the picture (which was given when the Technology Use Agreement was signed).


Maintenance of the web page is primarily the responsibility of the individual who created it. If the publisher fails to manage and update his or her web pages in a timely and appropriate manner, the responsibility falls to the webmaster who should determine whether to remove the Web pages entirely or to update them as needed.